Baby B-E-A-UTIFUL Turquoise



  • Beautiful but babier !!
  • Wow
  • An ode to the movie Bruce Almighty (The only DVD my brother and I had in the house as kids)
  • Silky, smooth and elegant

The Goodsquish Baby B-E-AUTIFUL in Turquoise.

A more elevated Good Squish made in London. 100% silk centre and a pleated organza trim.

How to wear

If you have thicker hair you can wear simply put over a pre-made bun or ponytail

If you have thinner hair she is best worn doubled looped over a bun or ponytail

Please check product images of how she is worn..

Sizing Info

- One Size
- 13cm by 13cm (Cowboy Size)
- See photographs for size reference in the hair


She does require some extra care and loving. Please wash her in lukewarm water with a mild detergent, gentle loving rubs and if you do need to iron out wrinkles gently press on a low heat an iron setting for silk would work best.

- 100% silk centre
- 100% fine organza pleat trim
- 1000% Squish

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Miss P
Green not turquoise

I was expecting a blue/green for turquoise but this is def a green scrunchie