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Blumberg White

Blumberg White

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The Blumberg is the second in the family after Queen. It is very similar in look to its mother but has two layers of lace rather than four, so is a little more understated and better for people with slightly thinner hair. 

Handmade in London.


The elastic has been measured so it suits all hair thickness. If your hair is on the thicker side you can wear just plopped over a bun, or doubled over in a pony.. if your hair is thinner you can double (or even triple it!) just be sure to ask a friend to puff it out for you once it's in.


Our Blumberg can be simply put in the washing machine with similar colours at 30 degrees. Once dry if she is a little wrinkled you can iron her flat with a few simple presses with the iron. The Blumberg gets better and better with age & should last you a lifetime!

- 100% Cotton
- 1000% Squish
- Handmade & hand-dyed in England

Every Squish is handmade and hand-dyed in the bath (if it needs dye), so please note there may be some occasional imperfections and slight differences in size. (The word imperfect actually spells 'I’m Perfect' so embrace your Squish and it will embrace you right back).


- One Size
- 19cm by 19cm
- See photographs for size reference in the hair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Aura Luna

The quality and puffiness of this scrunchie is superb ; I’m fascinated every time I grow my good squish collection , if you are thinking about getting it , do it! You won’t regret it


So gorge it’s amazing quality and as soon as you put it on it feels like your outfit’s complete. Can’t wait to buy more xx

Blumberg white

While the lace detailing and the fabric is lovely, the elastic felt a little loose and the hole in the middle a bit too wide - and I have very thick hair !

Amy Hargreaves
Love love love!

I am so happy with my Blumberg- it’s so beautifully made and I’ve had so many compliments on it. I love it! Can’t wait to buy my next one and build up my Good Squish collection.