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Luna Luna Learning To Swim

Luna Luna Learning To Swim

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From our latest collection. She’s sassy, playful and elegant all at the same time. 

All handmade in London by our incredible team of seamstresses.


Luna Luna Series: Polka can be worn together doubled over at the end of plaits or in pigtails and if worn alone it is best plopped over a bun if you have thicker hair or can be double looped if you have thinner hair or want to have your hair in a ponytail.


Our Luna Luna series are made from delicate fabrics like 100% japanese cotton and pleated satin frill so these do require some extra care and loving. Please wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent, gentle loving rubs and if you do need to iron out wrinkles gently press on a low heat an iron setting for silk would work best.

- 100% Japanese / 100% tulle frilled trim
- 1000% Squish
- Handmade in England
- Sizes, shape, and colour can vary due to the hand-dyed/handmade nature

Every Squish is handmade and hand-dyed in the bath (if it needs dye), so please note there may be some occasional imperfections and slight differences in size. (The word imperfect actually spells 'I’m Perfect' so embrace your Squish and it will embrace you right back).


- One Size
- 19cm by 19cm
- See photographs for size reference in the hair


Customer Reviews

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Jemma Carlton
Love it - so many compliments

I couldn’t love it more! So pretty and screams ballet core x

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