Queen Taba Red



  • The brand was built on our Queen.
  • So thank you Queen Squish !!
  • All thanks to you and our family of Squish we are who we are.
  • Now that says a lot.

The Goodsquish Queen in Taba Red.
The OG squish! It’s the largest Squish we do - with four layers for extra squishiness.
Made in London using 100% cotton centre and 100% cotton broderie anglaise trim.

How to wear

The Queen is made to be worn doubled over in the hair.
She has 4 layers of Broderie Anglaise which can be separated for added volume or squished down if you are feeling shy.
Please check images for photographs of how she is worn.

Sizing Info

- One Size
- 20cm by 20cm
- See photographs for size reference in the hair


Our Queen can be simply put in the washing machine with similar colours at 30 degrees. Once dry if she is a little wrinkled you can iron her flat with a few simple presses. The Queen gets better and better with age & should last you a lifetime!

- 100% Cotton
- 1000% Squish
- Handmade & hand-dyed in England

Everything is handmade and Squishies are hand-dyed in the bath, so please note there may be some occasional imperfections and slight differences in size. (The word imperfect actually spells 'I’m Perfect' so embrace your Squish and it will embrace you right back).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sophie Conning
The scrunchie I’ve been waiting for my whole life!

I love my squish so much, the colour is great and it really takes any outfit to the next level! ❤️

Love love love

She’s the loveliest red, lovelyyyy pop of colour!!

Emily Ponsonby

A little zesty zing to brighten a grey April shower - I love it!

Lucy LIcht
I love it, but

I love my squish, it is so fun, but the red is not as deep as I had hoped! It's more pink than red.

Laura Kate Hendry
How did I ever survive without you

Naturally the thing I have been missing my whole life