Good Squish x Laura Bailey

A little about FOGS first; It stands for Friends Of Good Squish and it's a small campaign we run every 3 months with friends of ours, people we admire and love. We create a unique piece together and usually do around 50 of each. Laura has been a huge supporter of young Squish since the beginning, so we are honoured to have made one with Laura. Read our interview below. 



What are one of your dreams? I’m on a broken ride at a fairground in the dark and I have to climb out and find my home. I have a terrible sense of direction and am also extremely claustrophobic so my dreams of nightmares mostly involve getting lost or trying to escape. Message to your younger self? Remember to breathe. No rush. And you will never regret taking time out for love. For adventure, for friends, for babies. (Take more…). Something you want to learn? French. Guitar. Darkroom printing. Basic bicycle maintenance. To once and for all organise my chargers. Passwords. Remote controls and tech. A simple ritual that gives you comfort? Dawn or twilight tennis. Every single day. What is the last thing you do at night? Kiss / Plaint my hair. Describe Good Squish in 3 words? Chic as hell. Your favourite song? The Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Marianne Faithfull. A good question? That’s a good question.




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