Baby B-E-A-UTIFUL Turquoise


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Meet our BABY B-E-A-UTIFUL collection.

It's the beginning of a more luxury Goodsquish line.

She is made with a 100% silk centre!

13cm by 13cm

Oh a little about SILK and you hair. Silk keeps your hair hydrated, encouraging stronger and less brittle hair - this is because silk has naturally non-absorbent properties that don't trap in oils or moistures while at the SAME TIME it allows you scalp to breath.

Overall this means whilst wearing the BEST GOOD SQUISH ever and looking INCREDIBLE! your hair is becoming it's BEST SELF! growing, getting softer #yep


The frill is a fine organza pleat! #stunning

We are very #PROUD of the B-E-A-UTIFUL collection (The name comes from the film BRUCE ALMIGHTY which has helped me spell beautiful my whole life so it's an ODE to that #yep!

How to wear

You can double her but I would recommend to pre do a bun using a small hair tie and flop on the top. She is very much a work of art and deserves to be full volume.

Sizing Info

- One Size
- 13cm by 13cm (Cowboy Size)
- See photographs for size reference in the hair

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