Our story so far!

Run by a sibling duo, Phoenix-Blu Cronin and Billie-Jo Cronin.

We are a fashion accessories brand centred around friendship and community. We take inspiration from film, photography and human interaction.

The brand built it’s foundations with oversized scrunchies (we call them Squish) and is slowly moving into other accessories. 

It all started in our founder’s living room in 2021. She sold a few to friends, gave them to people she loved and filmed campaign videos in her bedroom. 

We are now a small team of 9 and based in Hackney, London where everything is hand-made.

As well as a brand we are also a community made up of artists with different things to offer, collaboration is at the heart of Good Squish. A brand that brings people together, we encourage our customers to approach each other on the street, if you spot a Good Squish on the tube, go and say hi. Spotting Squish has become a way for our community to strike up conversation anywhere, and fosters connection in a sometimes lonely world. 

We are about sharing, swapping and playfulness, We hope the brand brings back good memories and feelings of nostalgia. Wearing frills, even if we’re feeling shy is part of the Good Squish philosophy. Wear it big, proud and wear it Squish! 

“Be curious about the world in which you live. Look things up. Chase down every reference. Go deeper than anybody else--that's how you'll get ahead.”

Austin Kleon,