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Cowboy Original

Cowboy Original
Cowboy Original
Cowboy Original
Cowboy Original

Cowboy Original

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The Good Squish Super Baby Cowboy is made with beautiful deadstock linen and the nicest cream pleating! It measures at 11cm x 11cm. Perfect if you have lost your Cowboy hat and are off for a weekend away to the Wild Wild West, or even a short wagon ride through The Great Plains west of the Mississippi River!!!


Your Super Baby Cowboy will keep you company, but beware of the snakes and remember to wear sunscreen!



Super Baby Cowboy can be worn looped over once if you have thicker hair and want to wear it in a bun, or you can wear it doubled over if you have thinner hair and prefer a ponytail. Please check other photographs for sizing reference.



Made from cotton and deadstock fabrics. 


    All our Good Squish are handmade in the UK by a tiny team of friends, using different deadstock fabrics (sourced mostly from the UK whether from Paul Smith’s leftover shirting to eBay finds).
    We turn deadstock fabric into LIVE STOCK. That's right, Good Squish are alive and well. A tiny living thing, an animal companion, a best friend!
    Squish enjoy an occasional lukewarm bath to stay groomed and polished, so please hand wash your Good Squish in lukewarm water. Your Squish will find this oh so relaxing.
    Everything is made at home, and Squishies are hand dyed in the bath, so please note there may be some occasional imperfections and slight differences in size. The word imperfect actually spells 'I'm Perfect' so embrace your Squish and it will embrace you right back).

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